Snails are moving quicker…

13304613742021029564Speedy Snail.svg.thumbAt the moment, it feels like even snails are moving more quickly than I am.  But it’s for good reason, I have two business areas that I’m trying to build and this means that my focus has to shift as feels appropriate.  At the moment, the majority of my energy is going on Bridge Road Consultants – strangely this seems to involve a lot of investigation around cupcakes and chocolate (luckily not tasting!).

However, on the bright side, I’m getting some professional pictures done with the delightful Kerry from Kerry J Photography and will also be creating a profile on Houzz which is just full of interior design ideas!

Keep an eye out for the photos and  updated profile on Houzz.

If you want to hear from me, I’ve started posting on LinkedIn and have also become an expert on Your Better Life (a great place to go for all sorts of hints and tips on, well, living a better life!).


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