Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Woohoo – things are beginning to move along.

The clutch bag sample arrived from Bags Of Love, which has helped me to learn a bit more about what I want so I can now start investigating how to achieve it.  Looking at the bag, I’ve realised it’s not quite what I am looking for to offer potential clients which shows me that I need to do some more work on the product itself to get to where I want to be.  The quality017b19a89f3276d33b7623ba51bf50abbc09ed2c40 of the work is great!  And I absolutely love the inside fabric so may do more with that.

My labels have arrived as well and they are beautiful (if I do say so myself).  The oranges seems to shine against the black background.

And then, the velvet fabric arrived, courtesy of the ever quick and helpful Silk Bureau.  I was a bit taken back when it arrived on a roll as I had no01717196803c7e3a82258f6ab303b9a4f1e33f9029t taken into account that it was a much heavier fabric than previously.  After removing many layers of packaging, I unrolled a bit and it’s lovely!  I was so nervous that it might not come out as well as I wanted so this was a huge relief!!

The WOW Workroom have transformed into 1 super gorgeous throw and 6 scrumptious cushions!  The material is so soft and luxurious.

Next to come, more photos of the cushions and also seeing if any of the local shops are tempted!


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