Feeling slow!

I’ve been feeling like I’m moving forward very slowly just now and not making any visible progress.  So I decided to take stock of what I’m doing to see if I really am losing ground.  I realised that it’s not so much that I’m slowing down, it’s more that the things I’m working on right now are “invisible”.  They’re hard to share until they’re ready.  

The visible things I’ve been posting don’t feel tangible because, so far, they aren’t – they are representations of what could be rather than what is.  img_0652To help this along, I’ve ordered labels (thanks to Bags Of Love for doing small printed orders) and to go along with that, I’ve ordered the clutch bag.

So tangible is coming my way soon!  In addition, I’ve finally placed the order for the throw and cushions.  These include the beautiful Randonnée 06 Purple & Teal design with matching 4 matching cushions – 2 in the purples and 2 in the teals.  It img_0631includes a bespoke cushion with the initials of my friends.  This will be a separate feature cushion to accompany the rest of the set

These have all, theoretically been ready to send to the printer for a couple weeks.  I think I’ve held off because I was a bit worried about taking that final step.  There is no return once it’s ordered and it’s a lot of money to commit to!  But it’s done now!  I reworked the design somewhat and I think it will look better with the new repeat.  img_0672

Another key (but invisible achievement) is that I’ve started talking with a small shop in London and am now determining whether it is practical for me to have more samples created and put them in the shop for a month.  There seems to be a new – well new to me – phenomenon about shop sharing and pop ups becoming more accessible.  I’m hoping to take advantage of this.  Again it requires some serious consideration to make sure it will be worth the investment financially.

Now this one may be surprising, but I bought a sewing machine.  I realised that if I can make some simple samples for demonstration purposes, that should be more effective than having to order through other organisations.  I will use professional services to make the final designs.  So I’m gently reintroducing myself to the basics of sewing.  I haven’t done any since I was a child!!

Finally, I’ve been working on setting up an online shop.  This is opening up lots of other questions and decisions that need to be made but is slowly coming together.  Trying to determine how to use the “Made in Canada” option as well has been somewhat mind boggling.  It feels like I’m almost there.

Having shared all of this with you, I’m feeling less “slow” now and rather pleased with the steps I’m making this month.  Especially as I’m progressing in other work areas as well!

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