Made in Canada

I’ve been working on how I will transform my designs and focusing very much on “Made in Britain” – which is of great interest to those of us in Britain. An unexpected turn of events came up yesterday though – and can now let you know that some designs are available in Canada! Designed by me with my dual heritage but Made in CanadaArt of Where provides a service to print your fabric and turn it into products.  They then deliver it straight to you!

I have to thank my oldest friend (oldest in the sense that she’s known me the longest!), Kathy, for pointing me to this company.

Part of my excitement is that it is the first time I can really see how the designs will look.  Check out my shop and, if you’re in Canada, feel free to order! You can even order if you live elsewhere too.  I’ve started with the Curvaceous design – solely because this is the one my mother wants to have cushions made in.  It turns into a cute little dress too (well I think they’re cute)

Exuberance on Green Pencil Case ImagesI’ve also used my Exuberance on Green design to create a number of different cases to cover your Samsung or iPhone devices, or hold your makeup/pencils and more.

I’ll be adding more as I go and experimenting with other designs to see how to make the most of them. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think (even if you’re not in Canada or the USA!). I will, in time, also look to make these available directly via my website but still made in Canada.

In the meantime, I am following up on the creation of a throw and accompanying cushions for some very special friends in the UK. This includes a velvety fabric for the throw and cushions using my Randonnee 6 design and a contrasting personalised cushion for them. Pictures will come as soon everything comes together. I will continue to work with WOW Workroom here in the UK and the Silk Bureau for my “Made in Britain” offerings.

Exciting times ahead!!

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