Part 3 Decisions

The samples were printed and 11metres of fabric arrived at my house.  I spent ages cutting each design out and inserting it into the display books I’d bought.  It works surprisingly well (surprising to me anyway!).

Then off I went to meet the people at the WOW Workroom.  They shared a lot of ideas and made suggestions which was great (thanks Lisa and Rachel!).

And then we agreed that they would make up the 3 cushion covers I’d had printed back in the summer.  They would also take the 2 print outs of “Exuberance on Green” and make up 2 cosmetic bags and 1 iPad case.  Whilst the silk is really too fine for these to be of practical use, the goal was to give me an idea of how they would look.

In addition to the decisions on what to make up as samples, I have also now reached the conclusion that I will offer throws and cushions with a bespoke option to begin.

_Having now received the products from WOW, I am now looking at what material would best be suited to these types of products to make them suitably robust and yet also gorgeous.

More samples are on their way in a range of different fabrics – ranging from lycra to leather!  Bags of Love offer a huge range of options, both in the range of fabrics and what they can do with your designs or photos.

My decision making is not yet over but I am now feeling clearer on where to go and able to start moving forward to actually having something to offer for sale.



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