Part 2 Decisions

I was clear from the outset that I want to do something of high quality.  While I was perhaps a bit extravagant in getting so many samples printed on silk, for me, I think it was time and money well spent.  It has really allowed me to gain a much better understanding of what works.  I’ve also seen how the designs I loved as a base pattern or on screen, may not be the ones that jump out when in my hands.

Decision 1 – good quality.

Decision 2 – Made in Britain.  There is nothing wrong with using overseas manufacturers, but I felt strongly about wanting to support businesses here and if possible to work locally.

Decision 3 – get samples printed.  Tick!

And now for the tough decisions – what on earth am I going to make?  I was leaning very strongly towards scarves.  They seem to be quite a good start point for designers.  I suppose this is because there is a market but also because they are quite easy to produce.

Decisions Word Cloud

How am I going to sell it?  Myself?  Directly?

Slowly it is taking shape.  The decisions are falling into place.  The designs are still piling up but I have made sure I stay focussed.  I don’t allow myself to get sidetracked by just creating new designs.  I’ve learnt so much (as you will know if you’ve been following me) which means that some of the things I do in the future will be easier.

More to follow in Part 3!

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