Decisions, decisions, decisions

Part 1 – Decisions

When it comes to project management, I can make decisions without too much trouble at all.  However, when it comes to decisions that are more personal to me, all my Libran tendencies come to the fore and I can find myself lost in weighing up all the different options, finding more options and generally making it more and more difficult to choose a path.

There was a risk that this was going to stymie my ability to progress with my designs.  There are so many options on how to use them.  As I’m going through this process, I’ve realised how much design comes into so many aspects of our lives.  Whether we think we are into fashion or not, it’s there in so many of the decisions we make every day.  The clothes we wear, the crockery we eat off, the sofas we sit on, the curtains on our windows, the bedlinen we sleep in and ….

I could go on – because if you think about it, everything is designed – the door we enter our homes through, the cars we drive to work in.  I suppose I knew this but didn’t really think about it very much.  Then I decided I would try to do something with my designs and started trying to decide what my designs would best be suited for.

I had some initial ideas and then started speaking to others and everyone has suggestions! The list seemed to grow rather than shrink.  Decisions Word Cloud

And the problem is, they were (and are) all valid suggestions.  And all reach to a different audience. And all have their different challenges in terms of manufacturing.

So if you take one design and you multiply it by all these options you can see that I have to make a decision.

Now you add in the fact that I have done over 200 designs.  And I kept designing!  My poor brain would escape from all these options by doing some more designs, magnifying the problem as each initial design can result in multiple samples (I got carried away with my Christmas tree hearts and from the one base pattern, I created 16 variations before I called a halt!)

But slowly, I’ve found that the decisions are making themselves.  More to come in the next blog post:-)



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