Do you remember Fantasy Island?

I guess I’m showing my age, but all I could think of this morning when the fabric arrived was “the fabric, the fabric” which reminded me of the little guy on Fantasy Island (i should know his name, I can picture him, I know the suave older gentleman was Ricardo Montalban – well – I think that’s his name!).  Anyway, I digress, at the start of Fantasy Island, he would always be there, calling “the plane, the plane!”  with such energy, excitement and wonder about who was arriving and what their fantasy would be.

I felt similar – not as short (though still quite short!) – excited and filled with wonder about what this delivery was going to bring.  So for those of you who can remember Fantasy Island (for those who can’t I found a link for you and can now confirm that the small guy was Herve Villechaize), you have an idea of how I was feeling.  Sorry – I know, this isn’t really relevant – I guess I could have just said that I was excited!!!

It’s an amazingly small package (I wish I’d thought to take a picture but it’d be fair to say I wasn’t thinking of you guys when it arrived).

Once opened, I discovered another envelope inside.  When I opened that, I had my first glimpse of the fabric – enclosed in a sealed red transparent bag – it was like a little treasure hunt.  Finding scissors as, of course, the bag was too thick for me to open without them, I finally made it to my fabric.  Pulling it out gently, I placed it on the sofa and lifted on of the lengths off.  Letting it unfold (and unfold and unfold!).

My first reaction was that I was surprised that the colours were more muted than I’d anticipated.  Then I realised that if I turned it over and looked at the front (forgive me, it is my first time printing silk) and discovered the rich colours I was expecting.

It’s beautiful.  And long!!!  You should have seen me trying to unravel 5 metres of fabric without tripping over it or myself and you don’t even want to think about me trying to refold it!  Think of how much fun it is to fold a sheet and then make it more than double that length!

All 3 lengths of fabric (2 x 5m, 1 x 1m) have come out really well.  I am already getting a sense of which might be better in another fabric, which I like more, how it might best be used.

I draped (well “drape” may be subjective) the fabric over a small sofa so I could take a picture and share it.  I will acknowledge that the “draping” was perhaps not as effective as I’d hoped (you can judge for yourself in the image on the blog) but I just wanted to share it.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at it over the afternoon.  Sometimes from afar, sometimes close up.  I am kind of scared to touch it.  And, while working with so much fabric is challenging, I’m also a little reluctant to start cutting them into the samples – even though I allowed a nice border to mitigate any cutting challenges I might have.  So for today, they were looked at, photographed (surprisingly just the once!), lifted and finally – folded and tucked back into their red bag.

I’ll save the cutting for later in the weekend.  As I start working with the fabric I’ll take some pictures to give you a better idea of how the samples look.  I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to capture the sheen that appears as well, but I’ll do my best!


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