Now is the nail biting time – waiting fo

Now is the nail biting time – waiting for the fabric to be printed and then seeing how it looks on silk. Louise at @TheSilkBureau has been super helpful.

I’ve also been in touch with a local company specialising in sewing and am hoping to meet them shortly after the fabric arrives so that we can see what samples to make up.

This Starburst pattern is based on a blended pattern that I created. It is one of the few designs to date that has been created starting with a more structured pattern rather than a freehand drawing. The original pattern as a base repeat will be shared soon!

But still – I have to wait and I’m trying to do more than just bite my nails:-) So while I wait, I’m getting my processes in place for managing the creation process more efficiently and also tracking what I post and share. And the collections also need to be updated. Oh and I need to think up possibilities for the samples. Maybe there won’t be too much time for nail biting after all!

Here is a bright and beautiful starburst pattern (liquified of course!) for you to enjoy in the meantime.

Don’t forget you can check out my designs on my webpage

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