And so the saga continues…

The learning curve is proving painful at times.  I don’t know how many times I’ve attempted to get the fabric sample files created and I keep hitting obstacles.  I’m trying to look on the bright side – with each attempt, I’ve learnt something else that will hopefully help me be more efficient in the future.

Today – Adobe Illustrator had a major stroppy fit and decided that saving files was not part of it’s repertoire and, just in case I thought I’d find a way to work around that, it also refused to open my files.  Well, that’s not completely true – they might open but then would crash or I was told they were unreadable (to be fair, this is probably true – there was very little text so they wouldn’t make good reading!!).

I watched a tutorial or two.  While they were based on slightly different versions and objectives to what I was doing, I decided to switch completely to Photoshop for the time being.  As a result, I at some point wandered onto the Adobe Bridge.  This has proved to be super useful.  It provides me a mechanism to sort through the files, group them, etc.  So instead of having to open each (Windows won’t preview psd files), I could work through and just flag those I wanted to include.

It was still time consuming but much more efficient than the way I had been working.  Also, now that I have a better idea of how to work with it, I can apply keywords and other information at the outset so that I don’t have to do bulk updates.

As a result, I am strangely pleased with the work I’ve done today.  I have managed to recreate one file.  You may think that doesn’t sound much but that represents 72 different designs.  Each had to be opened, modified to meet the criteria set by the printing studio, updated with information to make live easier in the future and then copied and pasted into the master file.

So Tuesday will focus on generating the second file, and adding any smaller images to fill in the extra space on both of them.  The fabric is 136cm wide and my basic designs have all been set at 20cm wide.  this means I have almost 10cm down the length of the fabric that I can fill should there be anything worthwhile including.

I think I may want to recalculate the costs as well to see whether going with 10m+ is going to be the most sensible given the cost difference when you hit that volume.  Or whether I should try and decrease the number of designs I include.  I am slightly worried that I will be overwhelmed with so much choice that it will be hard to make a decision, but equally I want to see what sort of problems might appear in the different designs so that I know what I might need to remedy for the future.  Decisions decisions!! 🙂

I also contacted the printing studio and am waiting for them to set up an area where I can place my files to associate with the order.  Fingers crossed that I might be able to get everything done tomorrow and the order placed.  I’m not going to hold my breath though as I feel like I’ve been on the cusp several times already and then get hit by another obstacle!


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