Weird colours and misbehaving laptop

So in the previous post, I included The Mask design. The original drawing was actually done some time ago, but I only put it together in a full design earlier today.  I don’t quite know what happened to the colours but it was a bit neon to look at.  So here is a second attempt to share it.  the colours seem correct on screen (so far!) .  

I was aiming to complete my second fabric file and it is almost there – there are 6 spaces remaining to be filled.  So I went throught review earlier designs and make sure there was nothing that I’d put aside that I really did want to include.  My laptop seems distressed at all the work I’m asking it to do, and froze at some point.  It is now updating itself.  I am hoping that I can complete the files tonight but if not, it will hold till tomorrow.  So close and yet so far!  

What do you think of the mask pattern below?  Can you see the mask effect?  Or is it purely in my imagination?    


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