Getting there!

Slowly but surely I’m getting there!  the first file is completed, the tiff file generated.  Now I have a second file to do.  I’ve even been sensible and not tried to do every single design that I ever created.

My aim is – as promised in an earlier blog – to get the files done by the end of this week (ie – today).  On  Monday I can decide which fabric, which printer and place the order.  Terrifying really.  I just hope they come out well.

The first file represents about 4m of fabric.  The second will likely be the same.  A bit weird to think that I will soon be in possession of so much fabric.  Not just any fabric but fabric printed with things I’ve created.

I guess that if they’re not all I expect, then I just need to remember the old cliche:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”

I’ve popped in a new design (The Mask) – just for a touch of colour in the post.  Don’t forget to check out the collections on my website –

The Mask Four Repeat WM


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