To Print or Not to Print

Over the past little while, I’ve been exploring lots of different designs and ways to work with the base patterns I’ve created.  I’ve also investigated how I could take the designs from the screen into reality.  The problem I face is that I still haven’t decided how best to use the designs and therefore what medium I should translate them to as a trial.

My initial instinct is to go with fabric – something silky, perhaps scarves though a slightly smaller scale to start. This would give me something to show others to get their reactions.  It would also confirm whether the designs scale up well from the screen to reality or if they need further modification.

Can you tell I’m talking myself into what I need to do!!

Through experimentation and following some tutorials, I’ve learnt so much more and changed some of my designs substantially.  As a result, the files I was originally preparing are now somewhat defunct.

Right – here’s my plan.  By the end of this week, I will have prepared a file ready to send to a fabric printer.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!


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